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Yanis Varoufakis to testify against private company hired to spy on Assange

October 28, 2020 IN WIP
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By DiEM25 Communications | 27/10/2020

The fight for justice for Julian Assange takes place in the Greek courts today, where Yanis Varoufakis will testify against the private company that was hired to spy on Assange while he resided in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

On Tuesday 27 October at 13h local time, DiEM25 co-founder Yanis Varoufakis will testify to the Special Investigations Unit for International Judicial Assistance as a witness for the prosecution, through a teleconference hosted in Greek courts. He will support a Spanish case against the private company UC Global, which was spying on Julian Assange during his stay in the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

The company in question had a contract with US authorities and is being investigated for potential violations of rights of Yanis Varoufakis and other visitors of Julian Assange.

More specifically, the investigation is focusing on the illegal video and sound recording of private conversations between Varoufakis and Assange that were secretly obtained by the security agency. It also pertains to the illegal collection of copies of Varoufakis’ passport, as well as the contents of his mobile — all of which was transmitted from UC Global to its “customer” across the Atlantic, i.e. the US government.

It is of critical importance that this case against those who have hunted Julian Assange for years is conducted by a European Justice authority. All the while, Julian is slowly dying in inhumane isolation in the British equivalent of Guantanamo: the high security HM Prison Belmarsh. And for what crime? For informing citizens in the West of the crimes conducted by their governments, in their name.

The co-founder of DiEM25 and Secretary of MeRA25, Yanis Varoufakis, will give his testimony to the Spanish authorities voluntarily via teleconference, thus contributing to the years of struggle conducted by DiEM25, MeRA25 and the Progressive International to support, and eventually free, Assange. It is to this struggle that we call you all to join your voices and help us free Julian Assange.

To see the videos of Varoufakis:


From Phillip Adams, Brisbane re The Petition:

Australian Foreign Minister spoke to Dominic Raab & Pompeo about Assange.

“Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne says she has spoken with Dominic Raab (UK) and Secretary Mike Pompeo (USA) about Julian Assange’s extradition”.Thankyou to Brett Mason SBS News for Tweeting the detail. 

Note; In response to the Foreign Minister: This petition never demanded consular contact. In relation to this politically motivated show trial for torture and eternal silencing of Julian Assange, consular contact has been a designated administrative dead end to jerk us along. This petition demands direct involvement by the Foreign Minister and or the Prime Minister of Australia to free Julian Assange by direct ministerial demands with their counterparts in the UK and USA. Now we know that is happening, we can now confirm we are getting somewhere.

This petition will continue to address this travesty and alleged Crime Against Humanity in the International Criminal Court. As stated in Notice 1 to the International Criminal Court Aug. 8, 2020: This petition requests Public Officers of Australia, UK, Sweden and Ecuador be investigated for their co-ordinated delivery of psychological torture to Julian Assange.

For the record previous Australian Consular Contact and followups will be included in the investigation request in Petition Notice 3 to the International Criminal Court. Now with the passage of time we can see that the process of countless waste of time consular contacts appear to have been nothing more than just another smoke screened cog to ensure Julian Assange the journalist is delivered to the entity that committed the war crimes he exposed. Where is the public outrage by the Foreign Minister and Prime Minister about the plan to poison an Australia Citizen Mr Assange in an Embassy, where is the outrage over the plan to kidnap him. Where is the outrage towards the establishment of a legal precedent that will destroy Australian, British and Western sovereignty.

  • We will Free Julian Assange,
  • There will be no extradition
  • We will see public officers of Australia, Ecuador, Sweden and the UK being the subject of an investigation by the International Criminal Court into their involvement in the psychological torturing of Julian Assange which is a crime against humanity.
  • We are a massive platform now and we will not be denied.


Assange: Independent international legal observers write Open Letter to British PM

An Open Letter was written to the UK Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson, the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Robert Buckland QC, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab and UK Home Secretary Priti Patel

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