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Urgent action for journalist Muhammed al-Qiq

 Muhammed al-Qiq
Muhammed al-Qiq

Prominent Palestinian journalist Muhammed al-Qiq has been released from administrative detention in Israel. Al-Qiq was imprisoned for almost a year without any charges laid against him and was the subject of an urgent action last year. While his release is a welcome development, the urgent action follows on from this, and calls for an end to the use of administrative detention, in general in Israel, since it violates the right to a fair and prompt trial.

Please appeal to Israeli authorities via email or a letter: (please note that the letter below is a draft, please feel free to personalise it or add information

Salutation: Dear Judge Advocate General

Salutation: Dear Minister

Letters to:
Israeli Ambassador in Canberra
Mark Sofer
6 Turrana Street
Yarralumla ACT 2600

Major-General Roni Numa
GOC Central Command
Military Post 01149, Battalion 877
Israel Defense Forces, Israel
Salutation: Dear Major-General Roni Numa


Subject: Muhammed al-Qiq

Dear Judge Advocate General,

As a member of the Melbourne Centre of PEN International, I am writing to your office welcoming the release of the prominent Palestinian journalist Muhammed al-Qiq. 

While Muhammed al-Qiq’s release represents a positive development, I am further calling for the release all journalists and writers held under administrative detention. 

I am very concerned about the use of administrative detention where no recognisable criminal offence has been established and where international standards for trials are not adhered to.

I am calling for Israel to end its application of administrative detention orders. I consider such orders to violate the right to justice by international standards.

With kind regards,
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