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International Hrant Dink Award Ceremony 2022

September 26, 2022 IN WIP
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The 14th International Hrant Dink Award laureates were announced during the online ceremony which took place on Thursday September 15 at 20:00. The award was granted to Human Rights Foundation of Turkey for its invaluable contribution to the building of a world free from torture and ill-treatment, the advancing of democracy, and the protection of human dignity and to Shaharzad Akbar for her resolve to put an end to the gender discrimination rampant in her country and for her consistent dedication to mobilising the international community through global solidarity among women, despite the grave women’s rights crisis.

Start of broadcast–

00:02:00 Melike şahin – Adana Ağıdı –

00:02:40 İpek Bilgin – Opening remarks –

00:07:27 Ahmet İnsel – Welcoming remarks –

00:08:46 Melike Şahin – Bedelini Ödedim –

00:13:01 Albie Sachs – Human rights activist, Justice – Keynote speech –

00:17:35 Hi Violin Quartet – Circles No.1 for Violins

00:21:29 23,5 Hrant Dink Site Of Memory Introduction-

00:26:25 2022 Inspirations –

00:29:48 Barabar – O Yar Gelir –

00:37:58 Barabar – Gönül Gel Seninle Muhabbet Edelim –

00:41:07 International #HrantDinkAward 2022 Jury Members-

00:46:13 New Gray – Silince Speaks-

00:47:26 International #HrantDinkAward 2022 Laureate Shaharzad Akbar

00:51:48 International #HrantDinkAward 2022 Laureate Shaharzad Akbar acceptance speech –

00:55:26 Gaye Su Akyol – Abbas –

01:00:29 Gaye Su Akyol – Bağrımızda Taş –

01:05:30 International #HrantDinkAward 2022 Laureate Human Rights Foundation of Turkey –

01:10:29 International #HrantDinkAward 2022 Laureate Human Rights Foundation of Turkey – Metin Bakkalcı acceptance speech –

01:13:02 Artyom Manukyan – Alone for cello with efx – 01:19:28

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